Transgender plea or demand?

A major article on the transgender controversy over restroom access was posted during the Easter weekend by my local newspaper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. As is typical of most media, it was couched entirely as an LGBT rights issue. No scientist or conservative cultural commentator was quoted on whether to allow restroom access for whichever[…]


A tale of 2 fathers

Sometime ago I ran across two articles with advice to parents who may have gay children. Both authors identified themselves as pastors. Both appealed to specific Scriptures and to biblically based principles. The first pastor listed promises he would make if his children came out as gay. We could learn from his compassionate heart, as[…]


Funny Thing About History

“You’re on the wrong side of history.” I’ve heard this quote often in recent months particularly in regard to views on gay marriage. It is intended to leave the impression that the world has moved on and those who disagree with the popular sentiment have been left behind. It also removes any possibility for rational[…]


Homosexuality & the question, ‘Has God said?’

For centuries evangelicals have been relatively united in their belief that homosexual behavior is not God’s best for His children. Exodus International, founded in 1976, provided support to ministries advocating that view through personal counseling, support groups (many sponsored by churches) and in the broader culture. In 2012, however, some in the leadership of Exodus[…]


You can help same-sex strugglers

After British singer-songwriter Vicky Beeching announced her homosexuality earlier this year, some Christians reacted angrily, others defensively regarding an artist whose compositions have been sung in their churches for years. Some have posted letters, articles and blogs to prove her wrong. For the record I have no doubt her theological beliefs regarding homosexuality are flawed.[…]